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Meet The Bassador by whitetips
October 11, 2010, 10:35 am
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Here’s a blog post “just for fun”.  You have to meet the “Bassador”.

“Take me Fishing”, , has a new promotion to encourage folks to go fishing and more importantly to introduce others to fishing.  I would highly recommend that you go to their website and take the Angler’s Legacy Pledge, .

If you do that, you will be entered in their sweepstakes.

Still did not talk you into it?  OK, then I am turning the Bassador loose on you.  You have been warned!

You can learn more about the bassador here, .  And you can hear more of his trash-talking here, .

If you do not take the Angler’s Legacy pledge, he wins!  Don’t let that happen!


Fall Trout Stockings by whitetips
October 6, 2010, 10:37 am
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Water temperatures around the state are cooling down and that means the catchable-size (approximately 10 inches) rainbow trout can be stocked in a number of waters that can only support trout during the fall, winter and early spring.

Here are some news releases on the scheduled stockings.

LINCOLN, Neb. – Rainbow trout have been stocked in some southwest Nebraska waters to provide excellent fall fishing opportunities, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The stocked trout are approximately 10 inches in length.

On Sept. 29, Birdwood Wildlife Management Area at North Platte received 2,304 trout and Rock Creek Lake State Recreation Area near Parks received 2,280.

On Sept. 30, Humphrey Pond in Ogallala (1,800 trout), Barnett Park in McCook (1,000), Curtis Golf Course Pond (450), Arnold City Park Pond (850), and Bessey Pond (200) near Halsey were stocked.

(I know personally that those fish were stocked at the Bessey Fish Pond last Thursday; I ran into Hal Walker from our Rock Creek State Fish Hatchery just after he had stocked those fish).

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has released a tentative schedule for October rainbow trout stocking in the eastern half of the state.

The following schedule includes the number of trout to be stocked:

Sept. 29 – Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 4,250.

Week of Oct. 4 – Niobrara State Park (SP), 1,000; Qwest Lake, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, 2,500; Fremont Lake No. 2, 5,000; TaHaZouka Park, Norfolk, 1,500.

Oct. 9 – Holmes Lake, Lincoln, 4,000; Bowling Lake, Lincoln, 400.

Week of Oct. 12 – Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 4,000; Auble Pond, Ord, 1,500; Weeping Water Pond, 1,500; Lake Halleck, Papillion, 1,200; David City Park West Pond, 600; Pawnee Park West Pond, Columbus, 1,500.

Week of Oct. 18 – Towl Park Pond, Omaha, 300; Hitchcock Park Pond, Omaha, 450; Steinhart Park Pond, Nebraska City, 1,200; Auburn Rotary Club Lake, 1,400; Heartwell Park Lake, Hastings, 900; Such’s Lake, Grand Island, 1,300; Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 3,500.

Week of Oct. 25 – Benson Park Pond, Omaha, 1,050; Grove Lake, Royal, 1,500.

Elm Creek just east of Red Cloud was also stocked yesterday, October 5, as well as Qwest Lake at Mahoney State Park.

There are some fishing tips for these hatchery-reared, put & take rainbow trout in this previous blog post, .

We do NOT stock these catchable trout so folks can fill their freezers.  Yes, we expect and want these fish to be harvested, but the real reason we stock these fish in heavily-used urban and parks waters is so beginners have a chance to catch some fish.  These trout are usually relatively easy to catch even as the waters cool and other species begin to slow down.  So, there is the list, grab a kid and take ’em fishing!

Where I’ve Been, October 5, 2010 by whitetips
October 5, 2010, 10:21 am
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This past weekend was our big Becoming an Outdoors-Woman  (BO-W) workshop at Halsey.  I am beginning to lose track, but I believe I have been out to Halsey to help with this workshop for 13 or 14 years now.

It is always a great weekend and I look forward to it.  Yes, I am very busy while I am there and by Sunday afternoon I am tired and my voice is fading, but I cannot wait until next year.  The ladies that participate in this weekend-long workshop are there because they want to learn!  It is so easy to teach folks like that and so rewarding to share knowledge and experiences with them and watch them learn an outdoor skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.  For some of the ladies you can literally see on their faces the moments when they learn something new and realize it is something they can use.  Their excitement is contagious.  I believe this workshop is a life-changing experience for many of the participants, and I cannot speak for all the instructors, but I know the BO-W workshops have been life-changing experiences for me.  I will never forget my first year, first session at BO-W; I started talking, trying to remember the things I wanted to say to get the class started, and I look up and several ladies are taking notes!  I was talking about fishing and I had students scribbling down notes as fast as they could write!  It blew me away at the time that someone would actually be that interested in what I had to say and it still blows me away every year I instruct at one of our BO-W events!

I do not know that I would say I “teach” any of the courses I present.  I say that because honestly I just share what I know; I have a plan, some organization to what I want to present, but I do not know that I am an effective “teacher”.  Fortunately, the ladies seem to learn from what I have to share and they keep asking me to come back.  The weekend from noon Friday until noon Sunday was divided into four sessions.  The sessions were 3 1/2 hours, and that seems like a long time, but it is great to have an extended period to teach; a person does not have to feel like they are rushed to cover all the material before the class session is over.  But, I always run out of time before I run out of things to share.  I start talking, the participants start asking questions, and the next thing I know our time is gone.  The first year I taught I wondered how I would fill 3 1/2 hours, and now I find that is not long enough.

So, let me tell you about the weekend by starting at the beginning . . . .

I headed up to Halsey, the workshop is held at the 4-H camp, on Thursday.  I got there Thursday afternoon and started setting up my classroom and getting all my gear and “props” ready to go.  I had most of that done by Thursday evening and then I slipped down to the pit at the entrance to the forest to do some fishing.   I have to work in a little fishing while I am out there, and I believe it is a good idea to check out the pit where the ladies will be fishing during our last session on Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful evening 0n the pit Thursday night and I managed to catch some fat 8-inch+ bluegills and finally, after dark, I got one nice channel cat.  All of those fish were caught and released, and being able to show and tell the ladies what fish are present helps to motivate them while they are fishing on Sunday morning!

It was such a beautiful night and one nice catfish encouraged me to fish well after dark, but I only got the one.

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Some announcements, September 16, 2010 by whitetips
September 16, 2010, 12:54 pm
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I know of a few “goings-on” that I thought I would share with you in case you have not heard about them.

The first would be the Missouri River Outdoor Expo at Ponca State Park this weekend, .  This has become the premiere outdoor expo in Nebraska.  Take a look at the website I linked to and you will be impressed; there will be hands-on rifle, shotgun, and muzzleloader shooting; hands-on archery; hunting, trapping, and fishing demonstrations; dog demonstrations; camping; cooking; boating and much, much more.  Missouri River fish will be on display and there will be tours on the river.  If you live in northeast Nebraska, you have to plan on a day at Ponca this weekend.  I will go even further and suggest this would be well worth the drive from other parts of the state as well; Ponca is an easy drive up I-29 from Omaha and Lincoln.

I would tell you I will see you there, but I have an adventure “out west” I will be on this weekend. (wink)

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Where I’ve Been, June 14, 2010 by whitetips
June 14, 2010, 5:35 pm
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Today has been one of those Mondays.  A lot has been going on, I am trying to keep up with everything and now it is late in the afternoon and I intended to get this blog post up hours ago.  There will be lots to blog about later this week, but let me give you a quick update on my weekend.

I was up to Ponca State Park, again this past weekend to help with a Becoming an Outdoors-Family event, .  The BO-F workshops are something relatively new, I believe this is only the second year we have offered them.  They are similar to our Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshops that I have helped with for years, but the BO-F workshops are designed for families, adults and children.  I had a good time, I hope the participants did.  Yes, it has been wet in northeast Nebraska too and some of the “camping” out was done indoors to avoid the nightly floods, but all of the activities went on as scheduled.

I do not know that I did a very good job of instructing.  The kids that were there did not want to listen to me ramble on about fishing or show them how to tie knots or select lures and baits or learn how to cast or talk about presentation theory or the spawning habits of Lepomis macrochirus or anything else that I could have rambled on about for hours.  They wanted to go fishing!!!!!  So, I tried to get all the kids rigged up and down to the pond to fish and then if I could teach some knot-tying or casting or something else while we were fishing, then that would be great.  I hope they had a good time, everybody caught fish, I believe the FIRST FISH for some of them!

One group fishing along the dock on the Ponca pond.


If you have read my blog for any length of time, you have probably heard me refer to fishing with my parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, son, daughter, etc., etc., etc.  Spending time in the outdoors camping, fishing, hunting and trapping has always been something we have done together as a family, immediate and extended family, on both sides of my family.  Our outdoor pursuits are participation sports and the beauty is anyone can participate and you can participate on many levels.  That makes camping and fishing, for example, the perfect family activities–everyone can do it and they can do it together!

I know in our busy world folks are always wanting to spend more “quality time” together.

What is “quality time”?

You know what?  You cannot dictate when that “quality time” occurs by scheduling it on your day planner.  The fact is you just have to take time, sometimes lots of time, to be together.  When you do that, somewhere, at sometime, sometimes when you least expect it, the “quality time” will occur.  I know this much, it is important; it is important to the ones you love and to those who love you.  I will even go so far as to say it is beneficial to our society because we need strong families; families that spend time together.

And if they are spending time together, they might as well be fishing!  (end of sermon for this blog post, Ha)

I slipped out and did some fishing on my own when I had some free time.  I had a spot or two on the Missouri River that I wanted to check, but the water was up a little bit and a little dirty, so that did not pan out.

All I got fishing on the river was this picture.

I have mentioned some general tactics for fishing high and dirty waters before, , but let me tell you what I did once I found the conditions on the river to be less than favorable.  A person can catch fish in high and muddy water, but if he or she can find some clear water under those conditions their chances for success likely will be much better.  If you can find locations where the water has not become dirty, the fish will likely be a lot more catchable.  This past weekend I knew that Powder Creek Reservoir was nearby and I suspected that even if it had received a lot of rain the water would be relatively clean.  Powder Creek has a good watershed and a lot of features built into the reservoir to maintain water quality and provide fish habitat.  So, I slipped over to Powder Creek when I had a little more time to fish and found the water quality to be very good.  I only had an hour or so to fish it, but managed a couple of nice largemouths, both about 16 inches.  It pays to be versatile and it pays to have different options in mind; I only wish I had more time to spend on Powder Creek.

By the way, the bass are finishing up their spawning activities in most parts of the state by now and there is some good fishing to be had.  My son and a buddy made a trip out to central Nebraska over the weekend and did very well on some largemouth bass on several different bodies of water.

Family Fishing Nights, Part Two by whitetips
June 2, 2010, 12:20 pm
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I highlighted our scheduled family fishing nights a few weeks ago, ,  and I need to promote those again.  Here is a full schedule of all the family fishing nights that are scheduled for this summer.

Family Fishing Nights

Take a close look at that list because we have expanded the family fishing events this summer to include locations around the state.  We cannot be everywhere, but you will find events scheduled for Grand Island, North Platte, Kearney, Norfolk and Columbus in addition to the events in the Lincoln and Omaha metro areas.  The scheduled events will go rain or shine, hopefully shine.  Bait, equipment and instruction will be provided, so if you are a beginning angler or know some beginning anglers plan to attend!

Family Fishing Nights by whitetips
May 3, 2010, 1:53 pm
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I want to get this up plenty early so everyone can get these events on their calendars.  Here is a list of the Family Fishing events that are scheduled for eastern Nebraska this year.  These evenings are informal and designed for new anglers or inexperienced anglers to come out, have a good time, maybe learn a thing or two and catch some fish!  They are a lot of fun, I would highly recommend them.  Tackle, bait and some expertise are provided; do not be bashful, come on out!

Family Fishing Nights, Eastern Nebraska


My Emily helping Brenna with a bluegill at a Holmes Lake Family Fishing night last summer.

Another one of Emily with Brenna's brother, Joel.