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Blog Upgrade and Migration
October 12, 2010, 5:04 pm
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The Nebraska  Game and Parks blogs will be migrating to a new and improved platform. We know our subscribers will enjoy the new look and enhanced functionality. All of our blogs will be moved into one great online news magazine called In order to make this transition, we need to delay our posts and your comments for a few days. We will not be posting articles or able to post your comments between Oct. 13-20. You can still access all of our blogs from their respective blog names or you can simply bookmark and find them there. We value your blog comments and appreciate your holding  any comments until our new site is live. Thanks for your patience. We’ll be back in touch in about a week.

See you out there….

“Using a Rapala?”
March 8, 2010, 10:47 am
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OK, this one is just for fun.  I cannot wait for the new season of fishing shows each year, so I can see the new Rapala commercials!  Here is my “Roger Ebert”/Olympics review of the best Rapala commercials of all-time.

This year’s entry is a pretty good one . . .

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Weekend Plans
March 4, 2010, 3:03 pm
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I will try to hit the ice some more this week because I will be working this weekend.  Let me mention a couple of events in case you want to attend.

First of all the HUSKERland Muskie Hunters, is hosting a pool-side demo and pizza night this Friday night, .  This is a fund-raiser for our state’s only chapter of Muskies Inc.,  Not only is this a good cause but it is also a lot of fun!  You can learn a lot about different baits, the action they have, and the best way to fish them by sitting by a pool and watching them in the water.  For those of you who say “but, I am not a muskie angler”, I would say, “So what”?  Muskie baits are just super-sized versions of other baits, if you sit by that pool and watch, I will guarantee you will learn something.  There will be a bunch of anglers sit around and swap stories over some pizza after the pool demo; again that will be a good time and you might even learn something in the process.  I am planning to be there Friday night, if you make it, be sure to say “Hi”.  If you plan to go, please go to the “pizza night” link I posted above and let them know you plan to attend.

Yes! There are muskies in Nebraska!

Secondly, Bass Pro Shops in Council Bluffs is in the midst of their Spring Fishing Classic promotion.

As the flier says (listed under the Recycled Fish heading), I will be there on Saturday and Sunday “to discuss the 2010 fishing outlook for Nebraska”.  If you get a chance, stop by, see if you can spend more money at Bass Pro Shops than I do, tell me a story, ask some questions.