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Where I’ve Been, October 5, 2010 by whitetips
October 5, 2010, 10:21 am
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This past weekend was our big Becoming an Outdoors-Woman  (BO-W) workshop at Halsey.  I am beginning to lose track, but I believe I have been out to Halsey to help with this workshop for 13 or 14 years now.

It is always a great weekend and I look forward to it.  Yes, I am very busy while I am there and by Sunday afternoon I am tired and my voice is fading, but I cannot wait until next year.  The ladies that participate in this weekend-long workshop are there because they want to learn!  It is so easy to teach folks like that and so rewarding to share knowledge and experiences with them and watch them learn an outdoor skill that they can use for the rest of their lives.  For some of the ladies you can literally see on their faces the moments when they learn something new and realize it is something they can use.  Their excitement is contagious.  I believe this workshop is a life-changing experience for many of the participants, and I cannot speak for all the instructors, but I know the BO-W workshops have been life-changing experiences for me.  I will never forget my first year, first session at BO-W; I started talking, trying to remember the things I wanted to say to get the class started, and I look up and several ladies are taking notes!  I was talking about fishing and I had students scribbling down notes as fast as they could write!  It blew me away at the time that someone would actually be that interested in what I had to say and it still blows me away every year I instruct at one of our BO-W events!

I do not know that I would say I “teach” any of the courses I present.  I say that because honestly I just share what I know; I have a plan, some organization to what I want to present, but I do not know that I am an effective “teacher”.  Fortunately, the ladies seem to learn from what I have to share and they keep asking me to come back.  The weekend from noon Friday until noon Sunday was divided into four sessions.  The sessions were 3 1/2 hours, and that seems like a long time, but it is great to have an extended period to teach; a person does not have to feel like they are rushed to cover all the material before the class session is over.  But, I always run out of time before I run out of things to share.  I start talking, the participants start asking questions, and the next thing I know our time is gone.  The first year I taught I wondered how I would fill 3 1/2 hours, and now I find that is not long enough.

So, let me tell you about the weekend by starting at the beginning . . . .

I headed up to Halsey, the workshop is held at the 4-H camp, on Thursday.  I got there Thursday afternoon and started setting up my classroom and getting all my gear and “props” ready to go.  I had most of that done by Thursday evening and then I slipped down to the pit at the entrance to the forest to do some fishing.   I have to work in a little fishing while I am out there, and I believe it is a good idea to check out the pit where the ladies will be fishing during our last session on Sunday morning.  It was a beautiful evening 0n the pit Thursday night and I managed to catch some fat 8-inch+ bluegills and finally, after dark, I got one nice channel cat.  All of those fish were caught and released, and being able to show and tell the ladies what fish are present helps to motivate them while they are fishing on Sunday morning!

It was such a beautiful night and one nice catfish encouraged me to fish well after dark, but I only got the one.

Friday I finished getting “stuff” ready and then hung around at noon to welcome the participants and say “Hi” to familiar faces (and try to remember names, please forgive me for not remembering them all).  Friday afternoon I actually had some free time so I set off on another adventure (which will be another blog post, stay tuned).

Saturday all my loafing was over as I had a full day.  Breakfast was served at 7:00 AM (by the way, the camp staff feeds us like horses while we are there; they even bake cookies for us in the evening, and have cold milk to go along with them!).  At 8:00 the second session of the weekend started and I had the Basic Fishing class (“Fishing Formula for Success”) to teach.  That course is mostly a classroom session.  The whole idea of the BO-W workshop is hands-on learning, but the real “hands-on” fishing occurs during the last session Sunday morning.  So, I cover what I consider to be a fundamental, problem-solving approach that can be applied to any fishing the ladies might do.  I try to give them a mental framework that can be used to make sense of any fishing situation and most of all help them figure out how to catch fish!  We do some hands-on activities towards the end of the Basic Fishing class by doing some fishing kn0t-tying and practice casting.

During the Saturday afternoon session I “taught” Bowfishing.  This was the first time a bowfishing course was offered at our fall BO-W workshop, and from what I gathered it went well and the ladies loved it.  Again we started in the classroom by covering some basics; equipment, techniques, rules and regulations, safety, etc., but then we got down to the pit to practice shooting at some fish targets I had hidden in the water along the north shoreline.  A couple of those targets were suspended a couple feet below the surface so the students could get a feel for how they needed to aim and compensate for refraction.

Helping with equipment and sharing a little bit of the knowledge that fills my head.

Some shots of the ladies “whacking” the fish targets . . . .

Excellent technique, just make sure your line is not tangled and the reel button has been pushed.

Most of the bowfishing class strung out along the shoreline hunting fish targets.

By the way, they loved shooting those targets!  “Yeesssssssss”!  There are some carp in the state that are very nervous right now!

Every year we have a group photo taken of all the participants and instructors in their T-shirts.  Somehow instead of getting one of the instructor T-shirts I ended up with one of the participant T-shirts that said “Girls Rule” on the back.  I believe that was no accident, but I do not know for sure who to blame.  Anyway, the ladies loved it and we had some fun goofing around with that.

I figured I might as well post all the “incriminating” photos myself, because I knew they would show up somewhere on the internet anyway.

On Saturday evenings we cut loose and have some fun.  Usually some type of skit is involved and for some reason I seem to get “drafted” to help with those too.  This year we put together a little BO-W “Minute to Win It” game show.  Guess who got to play the host, Guy Fieri?

"Guy" relaxing in the "green room" prior to going on stage.

"Guy" on stage introducing the first contestants. It seems like the instructor contestants were all big cheaters.

See what I meant about the incriminating photos?

After the Saturday night program, a forgettable program by the way, Ha, I got the fishing equipment ready for Sunday morning and then finally kicked my feet up for awhile by playing a dice game called “Farkle” with several of the ladies.  I have only played “Farkle” twice, both times at BO-W, so I really did not know what I was doing, but I managed to win two of the four or five games we played (to be fair I must note that I also got shut-out in one of the other games).  Anyway, I believe some of the “Farkle” gals were ready to kick me out of the game because of my run of luck.

Sunday morning we hit the ground running and were on the pit fishing by 8:30.

It was a glorious morning!

The fishing was slow Sunday morning, but we enjoyed every minute we had to be on the water.  One of the gals caught a bass on a rubber worm, a first for her.  She picked out the bait, tied on the hook herself and rigged the worm after I had demonstrated in class how to do that.


We finished up fishing and were back to the 4-H camp by noon.  I spent the next couple hours packing stuff for the trip home and saying “good-by” to everyone.  Got home last night just before sunset, tired, but very satisfied.  Honestly, the eagerness, excitement, motivation to learn, and enthusiasm of the ladies participating and learning about the outdoors re-invigorates me.  I come home refreshed and eager to get back out there again myself!

So that was my weekend.  I would highly recommend any ladies interested in Becoming an Outdoors-Woman to check out all of the BO-W offerings here, .  If you want to see a bunch more pictures from this past weekend, you can check out the BO-W Nebraska FaceBook page, .

Thank you Dina for the great pictures, and thank you ladies for a great weekend!


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Thanks for doing that Daryl. You make a pretty convincing Guy Fieri!

Comment by burrodebo

Thanks for all you do for this program Daryl! And….you are always such a good sport!

Comment by dina

Thanks Daryl, you are a fabulous instructor and always game for anything!

Comment by Tiff

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