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New Wheels by whitetips
October 1, 2010, 10:56 am
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I hesitate to tell you this for a couple of reasons, but here goes.

For the first time in my life I have a brand new vehicle to drive.  This happens to be a work vehicle here at the Game & Parks Commission and I will not be the only one who drives it, but it will be my responsibility (and in another paragraph or so you will see why I say that).  Now before I here the scoffing about government spending too much money, let me tell you that we are funded by the sale of permits and from excise taxes charged on the sale of fishing and boating equipment.  Fisheries management in Nebraska is NOT funded by any general tax money; “the user pays” and those users are anglers.  We have a fixed budget, it has been cut dramatically in the past 5 years, and we are very responsible with the funds we have.

I have worked here at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission for over 20 years and have driven hand-me-down pickups for every one of those years.  Most of those pickups were driven by conservation officers until they cycled into brand new vehicles.  When you have a fleet of work vehicles you have to keep up with maintenance and replacement or you will fall so far behind that it becomes even more expensive to keep the fleet in operation.

So, I have a brand new Equinox and it has been “pimped out”.  I get around the state a bit and do quite a few workshops, seminars, presentations, etc.  When I am doing those things folks might as well know I am there, so why not advertise with the vehicle I drive?  So yes, this vehicle has been personalized for me, and you might think I am on some kind of ego trip, but honestly, we just want to promote the Nebraska’s outdoors, in my case especially our fish and fisheries.  That is what I do!

So here is what “Whitetips 1” looks like.  If you see it out and about be sure to honk and wave.  If I am not actively driving it, find me and say “Hi”, tell me a fish story, show me some fish pictures!

Notice the Flat Rap that walleye is about to crunch!

Now you know where to throw your rotten tomatoes!


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Nice wheels, Congratulations!
However instead of the Walleye image, I would prefer to see a Muskie image on the sides of your ride. You could then have called it “Toothy Critter 1” rather than “White Tips 1”. Oh well, to each his own. Enjoy your new ride.

Comment by John Ramsell


I would have loved to have had a muskie on the side of that vehicle! Actually I have a hard time picking a favorite fish because I love fishing for so many of them. A muskie decal was on the top of my list, but we already had the walleye image “posterized”, so that one was easiest to get done right away.

And I like walleyes too!

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

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