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Go Big Red, and Blue by whitetips
September 24, 2010, 10:05 am
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OK, so you probably already know that I am a huge Husker fan.

I look forward to every football game every fall.  Last Saturday we followed what we could of the game while on our pronghorn hunt (; did some whooping, hollering and hi-fiving while the Huskers put it to Washington.  This week offers an unique match-up, one in which I can cheer for both teams, both my alma mater (what is the plural of “alma mater”?  neither of my alma mater schools taught me that, Ha).

The fish & wildlife management field is not a huge one; there are jobs but you will not find as many as there are in other disciplines.  But, if you are persistent, and if it is your passion, there are jobs to be found.  Your odds of finding employment in natural resource management are greatly improved by obtaining at least some college education.  In my case I received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska.  My major there was natural resource management with the fish and wildlife management option (and I concentrated on the fish, of course).  Immediately after completing my Bachelor’s degree I started graduate school up at South Dakota State University in Brookings.  Believe it or not, in between hunting, fishing and trapping I was able to get a Master’s degree from SDSU in Fisheries Science.

Of course I am very biased, but if you are interested in a college education in natural resources, I can think of no better schools than the University of Nebraska and South Dakota State.  Check out this video on the program at the University of Nebraska . . . .

And here is some information on the fisheries and wildlife program at South Dakota State . . . .




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Nice overalls. 🙂

Comment by burrodebo

Mr. B,

Thought about you last weekend while at the Expo at Ponca!

After the game I called into the Husker radio show and asked them to speak nicely of SDSU as I was “surrounded” by a Park full of Fisheries People, some with GUNS! Ha.

Hopefully the $375,000 (?) will help the University!

Harold F.

Comment by Harold F.


Sorry I missed you and everyone else at the Ponca Expo. If I had not been pronghorn hunting with my son and cousin, I would have been there!

We have a bunch of Nebraska and South Dakota State alums working around here–testament to the strength of those fish & wildlife programs!

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

The University of Nebraska, and South Dakota State University are truly great programs, but they’re also run by great people. This isn’t hype or hyperbole. It’s just the truth.

Comment by Bruce Condello

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