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Stop the presses! Big Fish by whitetips
August 19, 2010, 12:48 pm
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I have been doing this blog for over a year now, and I have learned one thing for sure–you all love to see pictures of and read about big fish!!!!!  Well, that is good, because so do I!

I have another one for you . . .

My friend Ben Garver recently caught and released this behemoth flathead at Sherman.

That is what a 72-pound flathead catfish looks like!  What a P-I-G!  You can read all about Ben’s catch here, .  By the way, the IDO fishing website has some good Nebraska anglers like Ben that post Nebraska fishing reports; you might want to add that to your list of “bookmarks”!

If the whole flathead-catfish-on-crankbaits thing interests you, be sure to go back and review this blog post, and then be sure to go here to read the whole story, .

Congratulations Ben!  And thank you for releasing that fish!


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Thanks for posting this Daryl. This fish was a blast to catch and I can’t wait to have a shot at her again. Maybe when she weighs enough to break the standing state record of 80 lbs.

Thanks again,
Ben Garver

Comment by Ben Garver

I would love to certify that new state record for you Ben! I hope you catch it! The only thing I would love more would be to catch it myself! Ha.

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

Nice to see the catch and release.Great article,and great fish.

Comment by Mel

Wow – outstanding fish, and what a great report, Ben! That’s going straight on Facebook.

Comment by Teeg Stouffer


Awesome catch! I am curious. I often see guys handling a catfish in the mouth. Years ago my friend caught an 18lbs Blue at Wehrspann. It was tons of fun. At that time, I did not have a net. So, in landing the big one for my friend, I lipped her. She proceeded to grind all the skin off my knuckles. Since then I have heard that if I had reached in a held the toungue down, I would have been fine. Ben obviously isn’t doing this in this picture. How do you safely land a big cat without a net?

Tight Lines – Chris

Comment by Chris H.


A big net is absolutely the best way to handle those fish, but I would bet most of us have had the skin ground off of our knuckles like you describe. I know that those catfish have tremendous strength in their jaws and if they decide to clamp down, they are going to clamp down, and it is going to HURT! I do not know about holding the “tongue” down; I have my doubts, but cannot say that I have ever tried it.

When I am handling a big catfish I will usually have a hand on the lower jaw. I will usually slip on a pair of gloves when I do that to avoid having my skin peeled off. And I will try to keep the fish supported in a horizontal position as much as possible. Generally, when handled and positioned in that manner the cats stay relatively calm, do not thrash around or clamp down on your hand. I believe they are more likely to cause some damage to the person holding them and to themselves when the cats are held only by the jaws in a vertical position.

I may play around with the tongue a little bit in the future and see what happens. The thing is, a person would have to reach even farther into the mouth to depress the tongue; I do not know if you can hold the jaw and reach the tongue with one hand especially if it was a big catfish.

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips


I do have a net, now, for such an occasion. A pair of gloves would be a good idea too, for the picture and release.

I am aware of the importance of holding the big’uns horizontal. Keep them calm is always good too!

Thanks – Chris

Comment by Chris H.

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