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Frogs, frogs . . . by whitetips
August 16, 2010, 10:39 am
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Yesterday was the opening of the 2010 bullfrog season.  So, I have some frog-related stuff to share with you.

First of all I have had a link to a National Geographic bullfrog video, .

Watch that video and you will know everything you need to know to catch some frog legs.  Basically bullfrogs will try to eat anything that does not eat them first.  Quietly walk along a shoreline and once you spot a frog toss some type of weedless, floating lure out in its vicinity and chances are it will swim over and eat it.  I like to use rubber worms rigged weedless or “scum frog” type weedless, floating baits.  If the bait seems a little big, do not worry about it, a bullfrog will literally use its front legs to shove it all in its mouth.  Use something they can see and they will eat it; I like to use bright colors.  If you spook a frog, it can be almost impossible to catch, so be quiet and use your eyes more than your legs.  You will be surprised how many frogs are sitting along the shoreline if you slow down and look.  Sometimes when I am in a “froggy-looking” area and cannot spot any, I will toss my bait out anyway and slowly retrieve it back.  If there are any unseen frogs in the area you will usually get them to move for your bait.

If you have never tried frog legs, do not give me the bit about how disgusting and “gross” it would be to eat them.  To quote a line from the movie “Spies Like Us“, “We mock what we don’t understand”.  Frog legs are excellent table fare, and I am not going to tell you they taste like chicken; nope, they are much better than that!  Remember in Nebraska you have to capture your frogs alive and they must measure 4.5 inches from snout to vent to be legally harvested.  I have seen several different frog leg recipes, but pan-frying them as you would any fish or chicken is very hard to beat.  My buddy Greg Wagner has a great tip for cleaning your frogs listed in the comments of this blog post of his, (make sure to read the comments).

On the subject of frogs . . .

This will age me, but I am old enough to remember the comedian Red Skelton.  One of his funniest bits was “Frogs”.

Happy Frogging!

Another Gary Larson cartoon for you--the best cartoonist ever!


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