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Big Catfish by whitetips
July 27, 2010, 9:03 am
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The fish I am about to write about are not Nebraska fish.  But, this is my blog, I love big fish and I know many of you do too.

By now most of you have probably heard about the new, pending, world’s record blue catfish caught from the Missouri River in Missouri, .

Today, less than a week after that big blue was caught, I received an e-mail and apparently there has been another monster catfish taken from the Missouri River in Missouri.

Seriously, the news of this catch was just being passed around via e-mail, so stay tuned to hear official verification and more details.  All I am going to say here is what I received in an e-mail–flathead catfish weighing 99 pounds and was caught on a set-line.  The fish measured 53.6 inches and initial reports were that the fish was released back into the Missouri River.  From the photo, it looks like the catching of this fish was a family affair!

All I can say is HOLY COW!  Those fish are awesome predators!  The lower Missouri River near its confluence with the Mississippi and the Mississippi in that area are known for producing some monstrous catfish.  We have confirmed blue catfish in Nebraska’s Missouri River in excess of 100 pounds; even though these two fish were captured downstream of Nebraska, I would tell you that there likely are fish like that swimming in our waters too!  And with the high water levels that we have seen in the Missouri this year, it may be even more likely that some monster catfish have moved into our waters.  You never know what is out there.

I do know this, I would think twice about sending a little poodle for a swim in the Missouri River!


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How about letting us know what bait was used to catch all of the fish you show us….Please?

Comment by Dick Wozniak

The big blue cat was caught on fresh cut-bait; an Asian carp that was cut up and used for bait.

I have not heard what the big flathead was caught on. I am betting a large, lively fish of some kind.

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

The information I heard today was that big flattie was caught on a live green sunfish.

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

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