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What do you think? by whitetips
July 8, 2010, 11:19 am
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OK, here is your chance, I am asking for your opinion.

Every year the Fisheries Division of the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission reviews fishing rules and regulations.  At least a few changes in fishing regulations occur every year as fisheries change, angler attitudes and expectations change and fisheries management adapts to produce the best fishing possible for Nebraska anglers.

You can find a list of the proposed fishing regulation changes for 2011-2012 on our website, .  We would appreciate it if you take a look at those proposals and let us know what you think.  There are instructions there for your reply.  In order to keep the process on time we have to ask that you reply by July 19, 2010.  I realize that is a very short time from now, but we are still early in our regulation process and we want to get some feedback from our anglers.  Final regulation proposals for 2011-2012 will go before our board of commissioners at the October 2010 commission meeting.

Notice also that these regulation changes are being proposed for a two-year period.  We are altering our fisheries regulation process to a two-year cycle.  Part of the reason we want to move to a two-year cycle is to allow more time for feedback and interaction with our anglers.  This year we are transitioning to that cycle and that has put us into the shortened time frame in which we are now asking for your comment.  In future years we should not be so rushed.

If you agree with the proposed changes, let me know.  If you do not agree, we want to hear that too.

Thank you!


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How about a 5 year fishing permit as with vehicles?

Comment by Dick Wozniak

5 year plan sounds good to head off fee increases. How about having the licenses the same as kansas. You can buy a license there for 24 hours and tell them exactly when the 24 hours begins.

Comment by jeff


I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with ANY of the listed changes!

If I had THREE HANDS, I’d give this proposal THREE THUMBS UP!

Harold F.

Comment by Harold F

If I read the proposal correctly it would change the daily limit of channel cats at Summit Lake to 5 I hope that is not the case. In fact I’d be strongly in favor of a 3 fish daily limit on channel catfish at all the salt valley lakes not already regulated by a catch & release rule. I would also love to see Conestoga lake become no wake. The new law allowing booze in the parks was completely stupid. I’ve had too many bad experiences with drunken fools being loud at all hours of the night. I’ve called the numbers for our game wardens but they don’t answer their phones. That’s ok, that state patrol came this last time and arrested the culprit and took care of the situation. Come to think of it I’ve never had a game warden answer my phone call. Is that not in their job description?

Comment by jeff

I remember the days where I could fish all over the state, and I knew 12″ was a keeper bass. Those days are gone, but glad to see some of the “special” rules are going out the window. Seemed like I had to do too much reading when I pulled in a fish to see if it was legal or not. Not that I don’t like reading, but I’d rather fish when I’m at a lake, and read at home. Only other thing to mention is, don’t take my channel cats away! Hope not too many lakes go “no kill” on all species of cats. Even a simple picture sign at the entrances to lakes should be enough to ID Channels from Blues, and Flats.
Thanks, looks good! LESS TRULY IS MORE!
PS. I feel way to young to be writing a “good old days story”

Comment by Tim

Jeff, you are not the only one with the same problem with a warden not ansewring the phone

Comment by Mark

remeber guys that the wardens are streached thin right now. Also if I remeber right this post was about the new fishing regs. I think they are great Daryl.

Comment by Matt

I don’t give a rip how stretched the wardens are. If their phone numbers are public they should answer their phones. Out of a dozen times calling them not once they answer that is a problem and has everything to do with rules and rule changes. If we can’t call in a refraction why bother having rules.

Comment by jeff

I guess if more restrictions on an ever limited resource is your best option, these new rules are fine. Personally, most years I also get a SD, KS, IA, and/or MO fishing permits where I enjoy less restrictions on a better resource.

Seems like you’re doing the best you can with what you have to work with. I only wish the fisheries department could figure out how to expand the resource rather than regulations always having to restrict it.

Comment by Dan

I would agree with the proposed rule changes. I like the 5-year license idea too… To comment on the booze, I am elated that rule is going away (to some degree). I think the clauses are ridiculous. There are other rules and laws on our books to take care of those drunken fools.

I really like getting rid of the barbless rules on selected lakes. I found it difficult (mentally) to bend the barbs down on my favorite crankbaits. Although, It would have helped to get the popper off my girl friend’s (new wife) face when I set the hook prematurely and it went flying.

Comment by Chris H.

I meant “now” wife… She is not that new 🙂

Comment by Chris H.

Personally i would like to see the dam shut down to all fishing from April 1 to May 1. No fishing from shoreline out 300 ft. With so many foul hooked fish taken home, this is not even fair to the fish. Anyone can rip big plugs and catch a fish wether foul or fair. Look what that same rule has made Sherman Res.

Comment by Scott Meyer

[…] […]


I do agree with size and bag limits. These regulations in my opinion help to ensure the future of a good fishery. If we want a state that can set world records then we need to have size and limits in effect. I also think there needs to be more emphasis on catch and release as well. To many people keep everything they catch. We are destroying our own future fishing if we do not have in effect any rules and regulations.

Comment by Joe H

two items draw my attention.
#1 only 1 30″ flathead allowed a day, A 30 inch flathead is not a very big flathead, maybe increase it to only one over 40 inches would be more acceptable if this is really nessasary, which I do not beleive it is, their are not that many anglers who target or keep large flatheads.
#2 baitfish regulations already are pretty strict,but I agree with more restrictions for commercial harvesting,but maybe we can lighten up on the rules for individual use regulations and harvest methods for bait species, like allow year round non-restricted use of castnets in Nebraska waters like all the other states around us. Do we all really need all these regulations to tell us what to do or what is or is not sportmanlike, enforce the regs we have now,why bother with new rules if the current ones can’t be enforced? Also realize the problems you all have at lakes around the Eastern end of the state are not the same problems as we have in the central and western end or the state, we do not need alot of the special regulations like you do in the heavier population areas.

Comment by Don F

I had corresponded directly on the lumping of all black bass into the 15″ limit last year. I told you I would give it a year.

It’s a year, and I don’t like it. Smallmouth have traditionally been 12″ limits in Nebraska, and making it 15″ last year just because some people cannot tell the difference between a hawg and a smallie is depriving us life-time smallie fishermen from harvesting a few and enjoying a bass dinner once in a while. Largemouth can be 15″, but smallmouth should return to 12″.

Comment by S. R. Coop

i am big time catfisher and do most of my fishing from the bank.your knew proposal is good except for it doesent get that enforced and i see alot of asian people leave the lakes with half of a 5gallon bucket full of 4,5,6 inch fish and when i choose to ask about them they tell me the game warden told them to take as many as they want!i cant see changing the limit on channels,just stock more and there would be more to go around.alot of people need to get educated on what there fishing for and not taking everything they catch.thats just my 2cents,sorry if i offened anyone.

Comment by ed

I sent e-mails to some of you who posted comments here, but not all. I do want all of you to know that we appreciate your comments. We look at a lot of things when changing fishing regulations including the opinions of our anglers. Your comments are welcome, thank you.

Daryl Bauer
Fisheries Outreach Program Manager
Nebraska Game & Parks Commission

Comment by whitetips

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