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Happy Father’s Day! by whitetips
June 18, 2010, 4:53 pm
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I posted some pictures of my grandfathers and dad for Father’s Day last year,; refer back to that if you want to see some photos of them.  I really do not have much more to add, but I thought maybe I would share some stories that I recall about fishing with my granddads and dad.

My Grandpa Roth always carried a silver dollar in his pocket.  When the fishing slowed down, gramps would take that silver dollar out of his pocket and drop it on the bank near where he was fishing.  After awhile he would bend over and pick it up and exclaim “Looky here, I found a bright, shiny silver dollar laying right here on the bank!”  I do not know how often he pulled that on us before we had his little trick figured out, but I will be darned if gramps did not find a shiny silver dollar everywhere we fished!

I believe my Grandpa Bauer only went to school through the 8th grade, but he weren’t no dummy and he was very, very handy.  He was an excellent welder.  Grandpa Bauer had all kinds of little gadgets and inventions (he even had a patent for one, but that is a whole ‘nother story).  We would go on fishing trips to Lake McConaughy with the entire Bauer clan–aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  When we did that we might have rods in rod-holders strung along the shoreline for a hundred yards.  Grandpa had made most of those rod holders.  Everyone would sit in chairs and watch the rods for bites and when someone got a bite on their rod they would jump out of their chair and run to get it.  Grandpa had one spinning rod, actually a surf rod, that was bigger than everyone else’s and he could cast that rod a lot farther than all of the rest of us.  He often put bells on his rods to know when he had a bite and he had a big ole cowbell that he had rigged up that went on his big surf rod.  Everyone knew when “Ott” (my grandpa’s name was Oscar and everyone called him “Ott”) had a bite because you could hear his cowbell (some of you will remember the Saturday Night Live skit about “more cowbell”; that skit has a whole ‘nother meaning to me–Ha).

Dad and I did a lot of fishing out of a square-stern canoe “back in the day”.  A couple of times each summer we would float the North Platte River near North Platte and would paddle back into some of the backwaters and bayous on that stretch of river to fish.  The water quality and habitat in those backwaters was fantastic and we could catch largemouth bass, northern pike, crappies, bluegills, and channel catfish in those waters.  On one trip we were running up one of those backwaters where the beavers had several low dams.  We would cross those dams to go farther and fish more water.  Well, we got lazy and to cross the dams we would get the canoe going as fast as we could and hit the dam.  Usually that would put us a third or half way over the dam and then we would scoot and use our paddles to push us the rest of the way over.  On one of those crossings we were having a little trouble getting across so I stood up to get a little more leverage to push.  Those of you that have spent some time in a canoe already know the rest of the story–yep, tipped her over.  I do not recall that we lost any fishing gear, but we both got wet.  Of all the time I have spent fishing from a canoe, that was one of the two times we tipped it over (the second time is another story, but it did not involve my dad).

Anyway, spend as much time fishing with your family as you can!  You never know what stories you will have to tell.  Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

Here is another photo from "way back". We were on Lake McConaughy and if you look close at the boat you will probably see some of my grandpa's gadgets on it. I am in the middle holding a rainbow trout. Grandpa Bauer is on my right and Gramps Roth is on my left (silver dollar in his pocket no doubt). Right behind my head is Grandma Bauer and my Mom and Dad standing to her left. That was a very good day!

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