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Stop the presses! Another Record Fish by whitetips
June 17, 2010, 9:47 am
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I know I just gave a state record update last week, , and I could wait until I had at least a couple or three new applications before I did another update.  But I cannot wait, THIS IS HUGE!

HOLY COW! I told you it was huge!

This common carp was taken last Sunday, June 13, 2010, by Alex Peterson from Burwell.  That carp was 40 inches long and weighed 50 pounds 5 ounces!!!!!  The fish was taken by bow & arrow from Dewey Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge.  Congratulations Alex; I do not know how you could hit such a small target.  Ha.  The scales on that thing are bigger than some fish I have caught!

Let me put a little perspective on a 50-lb.+ carp.  The National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, only keeps world records for fish taken by hook & line, but looking through their line class records I only see two carp records in excess of 50 pounds!  The all-tackle world’s record common carp recognized by “The Hall” is a 57 pound 13 ounce fish.  So, a 50-pound common carp is a WORLD CLASS common carp!  That sets our bow-fishing state record for common carp really high!

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Wow, that thing is gargantuan!

Comment by Teeg Stouffer

I completely am in awe of this blog .totally gonna have to put this on my bookmarks.

Comment by dwitanto

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