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Bowling Lake by whitetips
June 16, 2010, 9:54 am
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Tonight we are having a big “re-opening” celebration/Family Fishing Night at Bowling Lake here in Lincoln, .  This will be a celebration of the Aquatic Habitat Project completed at Bowling, as well as a chance to get together and do some fishing!

We are darned proud of our Aquatic Habitat Program!  I can tell you that Bowling Lake was a shallow and muddy with rough fish and lots of skinny crappie before the Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation Project.  There is NO comparison now; the water quality, habitat and fishing now is 100% better, without a doubt.  Here are some of the goals we had when the Bowling project was being planned and the work that was done to meet those goals.

Goal #1: Improve the Water Clarity to an average of 2 feet

  1. Remove rough fish and restock with largemouth bass, bluegill, and channel catfish.
  2. Reduce areas of active shoreline erosion
  3. Replaced water delivery system to filter undesirable fish from Oak Creek.  New pump will fill lake in approximately 40 days.

Goal #2: Improve Shoreline Access

  1. Developed 6,000 linear feet of shoreline access with jetties, angler shelves, and shoreline reshaping.
  2. Removed large pieces of concrete with rebar and wire.
  3. Shoreline stabilized with the addition of 3,000 tons of rock rip rap.

Goal #3: Increase Lake Depth and Aquatic Habitat Diversity

  1. Increased the average depth from 5 to 8.5 feet.
  2. Increased the maximum depth from 6 to 20 feet.
  3. Increased the number of acres with depths greater than 10 feet to 10 acres (~1/3 of lake).
  4. Developed 4 acres of wetland areas to reduce erosion and improve fish spawning habitat,
  5. Total amount of lake bottom material moved was 200,000 cubic yards (a football field piled over 40 feet high) of which 120,000 cubic yards was hauled out and off site.

The fact that I like the best is that the average depth of Bowling Lake right now is deeper than the maximum depth before the rehabilitation project!  Now when we do an Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation project our goal is NOT to just deepen the lake, reservoir, pit or pond.  Lots of deep water is not necessarily good fish habitat, and Bowling Lake was not just deepened.  Good fish habitat has a blend of shallow and deep water, diversity, and that is one thing you will notice at Bowling.  There is still plenty of shallow water there, but we also significantly deepened certain areas.

Anyway, there will be lots going on at Bowling tonight.  Fishing equipment will be there for those who may not have their own; grab a kid and come on out!  Festivities start at 5:00 and will last until 8:00; I will be there!


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