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Reservoir Updates, May 26, 2010 by whitetips
May 26, 2010, 10:26 am
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Some quick updates on what is happening with some of our reservoir fisheries . . . .

Red Willow

No big changes at Red Willow, water is still at minimum pool and is going to stay there for awhile.  The last I heard they are working on extending the boat ramp on the south side and plan to have that operational by Memorial Day weekend (which is this coming weekend!).

Hedgefield and Iron Horse Trail

Habitat work continues on both of these reservoirs.  I know some of the spring precipitation that we have had slowed progress, but they are working as fast as they can.  If all goes well, both of these projects should finish up by this fall.  Then we will see how much water is present and we can begin re-stocking fish as soon as there is enough water to keep them alive.

Here are some pictures of the work being done at Hedgefield.  These pictures are from early this spring; the last time I was out there was after some heavy thunderstorms and it appeared that the reservoir was half full again.  Water was being pumped out at that time so the contractors could get back to work.

I was impressed with the amount of work being done at Hedgefield.  I can guarantee that when the work is done Hedgefield will be on its way to being back better than ever!

Lake Wanahoo

I know many anglers are eagerly awaiting the day they can begin fishing Lake Wanahoo just north of Wahoo.  Let me “wet your whistle” a little more here.  Many features have been incorporated into the Wanahoo project with water quality, fish habitat, and fishing in mind.  All lakes and reservoirs are reflections of their watersheds and Lake Wanahoo has a huge watershed which is going to present some challenges.  But, there have already been 7 sediment-control structures (i.e. farm ponds) built on Sand and Duck Creeks in addition to the wetland complex and weir structure developed on the north end of the reservoir.

In the reservoir itself there is one large breakwater/bridge structure on County Road “N”, two off-shore breakwaters, eight jetties and two islands.  Two of those jetties will have handicap-accessible fishing piers.  As many trees as possible were left standing in the reservoir basin with some lanes cut through those trees for boat access.  In addition some 20+ brush pile fish attractors have been placed in the reservoir basin.  There was considerable excavation and contouring of the bottom substrates to create a diversity of water depths and contours.

As many common carp, green sunfish, black bullheads and other undesirable fish as possible were removed from the watershed by the application of 900 gallons of rotenone (a fish toxicant).  That chemical renovation involved the application of rotenone in the watershed above the reservoir as far northwest as Highway 79.  Initial fish stockings started last fall when largemouth bass were stocked.  This spring  more largemouth bass and bluegills have been stocked as well as some northern pike.  Walleye, blue catfish and black crappie are scheduled for stocking later this year.

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New to this website but just wanted to comment on being able to drink at the parks. After going to Milford Lake last year I would hope that the Parks Dept would say no to allowing drinking at the parks. Some how fishing with your family and having a boat full of drunks go by with the women having there tops off is not what I’m looking for in a family weekend. I know that people drink at the parks now but at least they do not get out of hand because of the laws that are in affect. With the Nos. of the C.O.’s being as low as they are now, they really do not need the added responsibility of baby sitting the people who have to drink until they are drunk.

Comment by Ed Olson

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