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National Safe Boating Week by whitetips
May 24, 2010, 10:05 am
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I got an e-mail last week from our Boating Safety Administrator, Herb Angell, , letting us know that May 22-28 is being recognized nationally and in Nebraska as National Safe Boating Week.

I realize I mentioned boating safety a couple of weeks ago, but I saw something while fishing one of our public waters the other day that prompts me to mention this again.  I am not going to tell you which public water in Nebraska I was on because I want everyone to wonder if it might have been them that I saw.  I observed two different fellows that day fishing in two different boats; fishing by themselves.  Now, if you can take a partner fishing with you, that is the best thing to do, but I understand fishing solo–sometimes you have time to go and you cannot get anyone to go with you.  I fish solo myself, have done it a lot for a lot of years.  But these guys were in boats by themselves, neither one using life jackets and neither one using kill switches.  That is just asking for trouble.  When it started getting dark they both fired up their outboards and headed for the ramp.  It does not take much to get bounced out of a boat and if you are by yourself and not using a kill-switch that boat is going to keep right on going after you depart.  Chances are very good the boat is going to circle around and come right back on top of you if you fall out while the outboard is in gear.  If you are using the outboard, use the kill switch!  It ain’t that much of an inconvenience.

Secondly, I still do not understand why folks refuse to wear a life jacket.  That especially baffles me when I see someone without a life jacket alone in a boat .  We recently have had water temps. in parts of the state that are still in the 50’s; even if you are a good swimmer, that water is cold enough that you might not be able to make it to shore or safety if you fall out of the boat and the boat keeps motoring or drifting away from you.  I will again put a plug in for the inflatable life jackets.  The old excuse about the big, “in-the-way” life vests just does not hold water with the new inflatables.  The inflatable life jackets are comfortable, out of the way, and can be worn at all times.  When you wish you had a life jacket on, it is going to be too late to look for one and put it on.  Wear it!

We have boating fatalities every year that could have been avoided if macho guys would have worn their life jackets and used their kill switches.  I do not care if you want to be stupid, but it is heart-breaking to think of the wives, girl-friends and especially kids that get left behind.  Oh, and one other thing, don’t drink and boat either.

Still need some convincing?  Take a look at this website, .  Check out the videos!

Yep, going to show this image again. Some of you need to get the hint!


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