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Water by whitetips
April 28, 2010, 2:55 pm
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It has been said by folks far more intelligent and more important than me that water will be THE ISSUE this century, especially for American western states.  That certainly includes Nebraska!  The water wars are just beginning and every Nebraska citizen, every Nebraska tax payer should become educated on the issue.

Towards that end . . . . The Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District just produced a video, “Inside Nebraska’s Water”.  It takes several minutes to watch, but I would highly recommend it!  Take the time and watch it!  You can find it here, .  Take some time to read through what is posted there and then take some time to watch the video; it is very educational and very well done.  By the way, if you wish, spend some time on Central’s website, there is some useful information there for Nebraska anglers (water level information for Central’s reservoirs can be found there).

The internet is full of information if you take some time to find it.  Related to this topic you can find a wealth of information on Nebraska water use and groundwater levels on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s, School of Natural Resources website.  Take a look at some of the maps displayed there, .

Now all of this enters the realm of Nebraska politics; I cannot explain it all and if I tried I would just get in trouble.  All I will say is you need to become informed, educated and involved.  If you want water for fish & wildlife and outdoor recreation you need to enlist and join the water wars.

You know where I stand; I believe rivers and streams are supposed to have water in them!


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