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Some updates, April 20,2010 by whitetips
April 20, 2010, 4:25 pm
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I have a couple of updates that need to get out to folks right away.

Gavins Point Tailwaters

One concerns the boat ramp on the Nebraska side in the Gavins tailwaters.  As of today that boat ramp is closed for repairs and will be closed for the next month.  The boat ramp on the South Dakota side of the tailwater is open, but you will need to keep one other thing in mind . . . . I have been told that they are also doing some road work on the road across the dam and occasionally that will be closed to traffic for a few hours at a time.  When that happens a person will have to drive on the Nebraska side all the way east back to Yankton to cross the river; plan accordingly.

Yankee Hill Parking Lot

Some “waterhead” took an axe to the light pole in the parking lot for the boat ramp at Yankee Hill.  We are not sure how safe that is right now, so the parking lot has been closed until that can be fixed.  As I understand it, the road is still open, but the parking lot is closed.

That is all for now.

Turkey down, details coming, stay tuned!


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lol amazing stuff dude.

Comment by limewire

Concerning Yankee Hill, I wonder if the weight of the Fishing Line Recycling Bin (which is now missing) caused the structural failure of that light pole… ha

It certainly was NOT the weight of the Installers! NO, no way!
(Pic added, if it works)

Harold F.
(Just tryin’ to make a STUPID situation a bit “lighter”. “We” are hoping this LOSER is caught and “Hung on the POLE” by his …. )

Comment by Harold F

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