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Quick update, April 14, 2010 by whitetips
April 14, 2010, 5:06 pm
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Just a quick update on the walleye egg collections.

Walleye Egg Collection Completed

LINCOLN, Neb. – Walleye egg collection for the 2010 production of walleyes for stocking in Nebraska waters concluded April 9, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

There were 662 quarts of eggs collected, including 338 at Lake McConaughy, 216 at Merritt Reservoir and 108 at Sherman Reservoir. That is more than enough to meet the stocking demand this year, according to Daryl Bauer, Commission fisheries outreach program manager.

Walleye eggs are collected from several reservoirs each year to obtain the maximum number of eggs with the least effort. This year, the task was completed in four days and four nights.

Male and female walleyes were collected during the night and placed in holding nets.  In the mornings, fish were taken from the holding nets and eggs were extruded from females that were ready to deposit eggs. Those eggs were placed in pans and fertilized with milt or semen from male walleyes. The fertilized walleye eggs then were taken to Nebraska fish hatcheries, where they will be hatched and raised until stocking. Walleyes are released back into the waters from which they came after eggs and milt are collected from them.

“Crews working at McConaughy were amazed at the numbers and sizes of walleyes they saw there,” Bauer said. “Those crews collected more female walleyes at McConaughy in one night – 359 on April 8 – than have ever been collected in a single night during walleye spawn collections on any Nebraska reservoir.”

Many reservoirs have limited or no natural recruitment of walleyes, so stocking is important for maintaining fishable populations. The 2010 walleye stocking requests for Nebraska waters total 31,600,000 fry and 2,554,750 fingerlings.

Walleye eggs take 10 to 14 days to hatch. Fry are stocked shortly after hatching and those stockings have already started and will be completed over the next couple of weeks. Fingerling walleyes are raised in hatchery ponds for approximately 40 days until stocking, which will occur in late May through early June.

Lonely male looking for a spawning mate.

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