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Winter Trout Stockings by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
January 22, 2010, 10:38 am
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Just a quick note to let you know that some waters continue to receive stockings of catchable-size (approximately 10-inch) rainbow trout even during the winter!  Let me tell you that stocking fish in the middle of the winter can be a challenge.  Of course nothing seems to work as well when it is cold (especially fingers!) and then you throw some cold water and slimy fish into the mix and it can get real interesting.  On frozen waters there has to be a hole cut that is large enough to take a large tube from the hauling truck so the trout can be flushed into the water.  Cutting those holes can be a challenge especially when we have as much as a foot or more of ice in places.

Enough whining.  Here is a list of the waters that have been stocked in December and January.

E. Branch of Verdigre Creek–800

Lake Halleck–1200

Standing Bear–3500

Grand Island Such’s–1300

Weeping Water #1–1200


Lake Ogallala–9069

Crystal Cove–4490


You can check all of our fish stocking records back to 1985 here, .  Many of our stockings also get mentioned on our FaceBook page, or on Twitter, .

Ice fishing can get a little bit tougher during  the middle of the winter, but those catchable trout are usually willing to bite.  Experiment with a variety of baits; everything from PowerBait to wax-worms, salmon eggs, live minnows and more can entice those trout to bite.  Sometimes you never know what will work best until you experiment.  If you get a chance, grab some kids or someone else who has not been ice-fishing and GO FISH!


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not holmes?? :)i need to find the big stocking hole in the ice and fish that..haha

Comment by kevin workman

Holmes was stocked in October and then another load went in on the last day of November.

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

Is there going to be trout stockings this March? I hope there is now that most bodies of water are open water now.

Comment by Connor Mendenhall

As of last week we still had some waters that had ice cover. Yes, we plan to stock additional trout in urban and heavily-fished waters around the state again this spring, but we have been waiting for the ice to be gone. Sometime this week we should have a list of waters and dates when those stockings will occur. Stay tuned . . .

Daryl B.

Comment by whitetips

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