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Stop the presses, this just in! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
January 7, 2010, 12:48 pm
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I am waiting to see details and confirmation, but I was just informed that an announcement is pending that will shake the fishing world, especially the bass fishing world!!!!  That’s right, a new world’s record largemouth bass is pending.  I have no details, but I will say that this fish has made the rounds on the internet already.  Stay tuned, we may hear a lot more about this in the coming days.

What is really interesting about this is some of us have an overseas connection that alerted us to the capture of this fish, and in the past week some of us have even been asked to look at magnified images of scales from that fish to estimate how old it was!  HOLY COW!

We are talking about a fish just a little bit bigger than this one!

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What What What? i can;t find anything on the internet about this. Is this the one caught in Japan back in July?

Comment by Kyle Branecki

Might be . . .

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

The latest issue of B.A.S.S. had an interview with the Japanese Angler. Might want to read the article next time at the local grocer.

Harold F.

Comment by Harold F.

I will see if there are more details coming. Stay tuned . . .

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

[…] Stop the presses, this just in! […]

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