Barbs and Backlashes

Ice, Soon by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
December 9, 2009, 5:54 pm
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I will still preach caution, but I am betting we have some safe ice, at least in parts of Nebraska, soon.  Make sure it is safe, do not take any chances, but I am betting there will be fish flopping on the ice very soon.

I mentioned some safety concerns and products in a previous post, and then I got to thinking of one thing I forgot to mention.  First ice can also be darned slick, and a person can get seriously hurt by slipping and falling down.  I remember a windy day on Clear Lake when my gramps took off across the ice trying to catch a bucket that had blown away.  Gramps got about half way across Clear, slipped and went down HARD.  We were all afraid he had broken ribs, a hip, something.  Needless to say our ice fishing was over for the day; we headed back to town, took gramps to the hospital and had him checked out (as I recall we did stop long enough on the way back for me to shoot a rooster pheasant though).  Gramps was OK, but he was really black & blue and sore for awhile.

With that experience, I would consider ice creepers another essential ice safety item.  Again I will tell you that I am not sponsored by anyone; there are several products on the market and many of them will work.  I will tell you that the best ice creepers I have used are these.

Now, I know a guy looking for some creepers right now, and we have spent some time searching the internet to find those creepers.  As near as I can tell, those creepers are Staatsburg Fit-U Ice Creepers and they may not be available anymore?  If you can find some, let me know.

Regardless of the brand or style, find a good set of ice creepers.  They could keep you from busting your butt.

Wait for it, it is coming!!


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