Barbs and Backlashes

Weekend Update 11/30/09 by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
November 30, 2009, 6:28 pm
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I have some news items to mention that I will get to later this week.  For now a quick post to let you know I am back in the office and had a great Thanksgiving Day holiday!

We got to spend lots of time with family; my folks, my in-laws and some family on both my mom and dad’s side, some of which we have not seen for quite awhile.  It was sure good to see them all and swap some hunting and fishing stories with some family that I have not been able to swap stories with in too long.

I promised that we would not spend all of our time feasting and doing the family thing; we managed to sneak out for some time in the field and on the water.  My son and nephews wanted to concentrate on pheasant hunting so we chased “cornfield canaries”.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with pheasants.  First of all, I was born in early November, and born in Nebraska, so I always figured that I was destined to hunt pheasants.  Of the hunting I do, I believe pheasants can be the most frustrating–you look hard to find them, then you have to out-smart them, they just love to run ahead of you and flush out of range, but finally you corner one and he gets up in range maybe scaring you half to death when he flushes.  So, then you have to hit him and you better hit him hard enough that he stays put and does not manage to get away after you knock him down.  I love it all, but at some point I am just ready to kill one of those dirty, no-good, sneaky birds!

We hunted in southwest Nebraska and found some great cover and I believe a good population of birds, but there is a lot of corn still unpicked and more than once we heard them stinkin’ roosters cackling from the safety of 160 acres of standing corn.  When that corn comes out, the late season pheasant hunting might be very good this year.

We had the Thanksgiving feast out my brother and sister-in-law’s place in the country.  The nice thing about that is we were able to chase some roosters for a couple of hours before dinner.

My son and I with our Thanksgiving pheasants.

My ole double-barrel spoke twice and two pheasants folded.

After we were stuffed, we managed to slip out and do some target shooting.  It was a beautiful afternoon and that beat sitting in the house feeling bloated all afternoon.

We did a little bit of fishing, but not a lot.  I had another spot or two I wanted to check out, but the boys wanted to concentrate on hunting, so that is what we did.  We fished the warm-water in the cooling pond at Sutherland Reservoir.  My dad scratched some bluegills there and I caught a couple of small channel cats and a very small freshwater drum.

One thing I love about Nebraska is all the diversity and different options.  We could hunt or fish and had several different hunting or fishing options.  I love the variety and by being versatile we can usually maximize our success.  I would suspect the pheasant hunting might be better later on, but I did not care and if the boys want to hunt, then we will hunt!  We will get some more fish later.


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