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November 6, 2009, 1:00 pm
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A few weeks ago I mentioned Greg Wagner’s radion show, .  We also have a weekly radio show on 1480 ESPN radion here in Lincoln, .  I am planning to be on that show this Saturday morning, 7:00-8:00 a.m., and will try to be there the first Saturday every month.  We take calls!  If you have some fish or fishing topics you want to discuss, call in, please.

Tentatively we have a discussion topic that we could have some fun with–5 items that anglers do NOT need.  We will discuss that on the radio on Saturday and then I will try to remember to bring some of that here.


I found another blog this week that deals directly with fishing in Nebraska, .  Check it out sometime, go back in the archives, there is some great stuff there (the blog post made on June 21, 2009 will make you think).


We finally have a break in the weather and have a drying and warming trend going!  I know it is now November, but it ain’t too late to take advantage of some fall fishing!  I know, I know, a lot of folks have already shifted to hunting mode, but think about throwing the fishing rod in–slip in some pond bass fishing after chasing pheasants, slip off to a trout stream in between your morning and evening on the deer stand, throw out the decoys in the morning and then spend an afternoon vertically jigging for some walleyes.

My kids and I still did well on some big bluegills and small largemouth bass last weekend.  Sunny afternoons will pull those fish towards shallow water for some late fall feeding activity.

Some of the best fishing reports I have heard recently have been from some of our big reservoirs.  Anglers are vertically jigging with jigs and minnows (try substituting some GULP Alive! shiners for the minnows) or they are vertically jigging with a variety of spoons (e.g. Fergie Special, Rattle Snakie).  In the same situation try vertical jigging with some blade baits (e.g. Heddon Sonars, Silver Buddies) or tail-spinners (e.g. Lytle’s Secret Tailspinner).


It is not the clearest picture, but here is my dad as an example of an afternoon pheasant hunt topped off with a nice evening bass!


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nebraska the good life, great pic.

Comment by wallydrifter

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Great posting, Daryl. Wish I could hear your Lincoln show up here in Council Bluffs. I think “5 things you don’t need” is a great idea. I know that on my list would be:

Boca Style Lip Grippers
Lead Split Shot

Props for the link to Mark Olson’s blog. He is the guy behind our weekly Stewardship Tip at Recycled Fish:

Awesome sunset photo with the bass and the bird!

Comment by Teeg Stouffer

Thanks Teeg! I love Mark’s blog; glad I found it and I hope a bunch of other folks find it too!

I included my “5 things you don’t need” in a subsequent blog post, ,in case you had not seen it. Feel free to add to the list!

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

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