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Join a Club! by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
November 3, 2009, 12:59 pm
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I, like most anglers, am always trying to figure out a way to catch more fish, always trying to become a better fisherman.  We live in the information age where there are a tremendous number of ways to learn more about fish and fishing, but do not overlook another great source of knowledge and information–other anglers.  The best way I know to interact with other experienced anglers is to join a club!

So let me mention a few Nebraska fishing organizations that I am aware of, some organizations that I would highly recommend.The Nebraska Walleye Association, is one of the larger Nebraska-based fishing organizations that I know.  They have a full tournament schedule every year, sponsor seminars like the University of Walleye that I have participated in several times and do a fantastic job of introducing kids to fishing.

We have had a couple of Nebraska catfish clubs in the past, one I can find a website for right now would be The Nebraska Catfish Anglers Association, , and another one would be the Missouri River Catfish Club, .

There are a number of bass clubs around the state and these would probably be some of the oldest Nebraska fishing organizations.  I do not have contact information for all of those clubs, but many of them are affiliated with the Nebraska B.A.S.S. Federation, .  You can find contact information for the Nebraska TBF Federation here, .

We have a Trout Unlimited Chapter in Nebraska, and that organization has been a very active advocate for water quality, water quantity and fish habitat in Nebraska.

Naturally, one thinks of waving a fly-rod back and forth when one thinks of trout fishing.  The Cornhusker Fly Fishers, is a great bunch of fly-fishers.  The focus of the Cornhusker Fly Fishers is fly-fishing and fly-tying for any species not just trout.  They have a very active membership and are a very knowledgeable bunch; I learn something every time I attend one of their meetings.

Likewise the Big Mac Sports Club, does not limit itself to fishing for just one particular species; instead their focus is Lake McConaughy and Lake Ogallala.  They also have an active fly-fishing and trout fishing group.  The Big Mac Sports Club also has been very active in introducing kids to fishing and in being an advocate for water, fish and wildlife resources.

The last one I will mention is one of our newest fishing organizations in the state, the HUSKERland Muskie Hunters, .  The HUSKERland Muskie Hunters are a chapter of Muskies Inc.  Our state chapter is relatively new and not large, but they have already been active advocates for muskies and muskie fishing in Nebraska.  They have been a big help in our hatchery production of muskies to stock in Nebraska waters by donating $$$$ that was used to buy minnows to feed our voracious little muskies as they were being raised in their hatchery ponds!

I saved the HUSKERland Muskie Hunters until last because I know they are having a fund-raising event tomorrow night, an event I am planning to attend.  Check that out, , make plans to attend, and make sure to say “Hi”.

One other organization I need to mention is not necessarily a “club” or a bunch of anglers that get together to have meetings or activities, but they are a very avid bunch of Nebraska hunters, anglers and trappers.  The Nebraska Fish and Game Association, , is an on-line community.  Besides being a bunch that sits around and discusses stuff on the internet they have been active in introducing kids and beginners to fishing and making our fisheries better places by picking up trash and discarded fishing line.

Let me say a few more things and then I will quit rambling for now.  First of all, I hestitated to make this blog post because I was afraid I would overlook somebody.  So, PLEASE, if I overlooked a Nebraska fishing organization, please let me know about it and I will let folks know about your organization.

Secondly, I would encourage any avid angler to join one or more of these fishing clubs.  As I stated in the beginning being an active member of a fishing club is an excellent way to learn how to become a better angler.  It is also a great way to interact with folks that have the same interests as you do, who knows you might even make some new friends?  I think you got the idea as I described some of what I know about our Nebraska fishing clubs that joining these organizations is a great way to give something back to the sport, back to the resources, back to our youth.  These organizations are a great way to band together and make your voice heard on important conservation issues.  Get involved!

I am not an official member of any of the state’s fishing organizations.  I realize that contradicts what I just said, but let me explain.  Professionally, in my position, I have thought it would be wise NOT to be a dues-paying member of any of the state’s fishing organizations because I do not want to appear to be partial to any one of them.  If I had the money, I would love to be a member of ALL of them.  Many of these organizations have kept me “in the loop” even though I may not be a dues-paying member and I want all of them to know I appreciate that, THANK YOU!  I will also tell all of them that even though I may not be able to participate as a dues-paying member, I will always be willing to help them in any way possible, just let me know.

Lastly, these clubs and their members can be a great aid in learning how to catch more fish.  BUT . . . nothing beats time on the water!  GO FISH!



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