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Record Time Again by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
October 27, 2009, 12:36 pm
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I have had a few state record applications sitting on my desk; it is about time I get around to taking care of them.  Here are the most recent additions to our list of Nebraska state record fish.The first one is a spotted bass taken by bow-fishing.  This fish was shot on a private pit in Lincoln County by Kallan Kit.  The spotted bass weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces and was 17 1/8 inches long.

KSB Kitt 05

Kallan Kitt with his new archery state record spotted bass.

Kallan’s fish beat out a spotted bass shot by Dustin Noble, also from a private pit, back in 2003.  Kallan’s bass beat the old state record by 6 ounces.

Spotted bass are an uncommon fish in Nebraska; let me say a few words about them.  Spotted bass or as they have been called “Kentucky” spotted bass are native to waters south and east of Nebraska.  But as is true with many species of fish, spotted bass have been introduced into a number of Nebraska waters.  Back in the 1970’s spotted bass were stocked in some pits and reservoirs in the state.  I know of no public pits where a person can still catch a spotted bass, but obviously a few still show up in some private pits.  Elwood Reservoir has sustained a population of spotted bass for a number of years, but I am afraid several years of low water levels there did no favors to that spotted bass population.  Hopefully there will be enough spotted bass in Elwood to recover now that water levels are coming back up.

I already mentioned Dustin Noble’s name.  If you look through our state records you will see Dustin listed over and over again, especially in the Underwater Spearfishing category.  Dustin must have really good eyes and is a darned good shot, because his latest entry is a 3 1/2 inch, 0.45 ounce orangespotted sunfish taken while spearfishing underwater.

OSS Noble 02

Dustin Noble's new underwater spearfishing state record orangespotted sunfish.

According to the records that I have, that orangespotted sunfish is the first we have had submitted for an underwater spearfishing state record.  Dustin has set the bar very high (actually a bigger orangespotted sunfish might be easier to hit)!

Dustin is very serious about underwater spearfishing and in fact has taken it upon himself to compile a list of world record fish taken by underwater spearfishing.  You can check out Dustin’s list here, .  Take some time while you are there and surf around the rest of Dustin’s website.

Next I have a couple of fish taken by Jim Foral.  Jim’s is another name you will find throughout our listing of state records, especially bowfishing state records.

The first fish taken by Jim was a black buffalo arrowed at Lewis & Clark Reservoir.  That fish was taken back in September, weighed 6 pounds 7 ounces, and was 18 3/4 inches long.


Jim Foral with his bowfishing state record black buffalo.

Again, according to records, Jim’s fish is the first black buffalo to be submitted as a bowfishing state record.  We have had a long list of smallmouth and bigmouth buffalo submitted as bowfishing state records, but this was the first black buffalo.

Jim stops by our office quite often, and usually he has a big fish to show us.  This week he stopped in, but unfortunately I was wrapped up in a couple of meetings.  He had a goldfish he wanted to show us this time, again it was taken by bowfishing.


Jim Foral with his bowfishing state record goldfish.

Looks like Jim has a spot in his backyard all picked out for taking pictures of his state record fish!  Jim’s goldfish was shot at Pawnee Reservoir, weighed 1 pound 8 ounces, and measured 14 inches long.  Jim’s goldfish beat the old state record by 8 ounces; a fish that was taken 3 years ago from a private pond.

I love big fish.  Large specimens of any species are very interesting.  We have state records on the books that have been there for YEARS, but somehow we manage to scratch a few new state records every year.  I count 10 new state record fish that we have certified this year; 2 new hook & line records, 5 new bowfishing records, 2 new underwater spearfishing records, and 1 new surface spearfishing record.  There are still a couple of months and another record or two might show up on my desk before 2009 is history.  Yes, many of the new records are for gears and species in which we did not have a record established, but there are others every year that beat out existing records.  You can see a list of our state record fish here, .  That list does NOT include the new, 2009 records, but it does include all of the existing records up to this year.

One thing I love about fishing is you just never know.  Everytime you put that line in the water, something really big could bite on the end of it.  You may recall the big flathead catfish I caught earlier this month.


Just looking for another excuse to show off the 47-inch flathead I caught and released this fall!

Recently, I was looking through the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame & Museum ( listing of world record fish.  They keep line class world records and catch & release world records.  My big flathead very likely would have been a new catch & release world’s record!  However, there is a strict rule that the release and measurement must be witnessed and on the gloomy, rainy night I caught that fish, I was the only person on the entire reservoir.  Oh well, I have always told folks that a “trophy” is what you make of it.  If any fish is a trophy catch to you, for whatever reason, then you do not necessarily have to have a record or certificate to validate it as a trophy.

GO FISH, you never know . . .

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I think I like the last picture of you with ugly fish!! I am impressed with the fish but I also love your facial expression…..(!)


Comment by SAM from Japan

I learned my silly, fish-holding, “hero-shot”, expressions from Andrew S. Ha. (Sorry Andrew)

Seriously I was struggling to set the timer on the camera and hold that beast!

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

It looks like you are a true expert. Did ya study about the issue? haha..

Comment by ephepsync

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