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Fall Trout Stockings by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
October 9, 2009, 9:00 am
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This has been published in several other places.  But in case you have not seen it . . .

Rainbow Trout to Be Stocked This Fall
Friday, October 2, 2009 at 4:43pm
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will stock 9- to 10- inch (catchable) rainbow trout in many bodies of water across the state this fall to provide anglers a fishing opportunity through winter.
The bodies of water to be stocked, with quantities, are (dates subject to change):

Oct. 9 – Windmill State Recreation Area Lake (SRA) Lake No. 1, 4,000; Lexington City Lake, 750.

Oct. 13 – Grabel Ponds Nos. 1-3, Fort Robinson State Park (SP), 800 each; Carter P. Johnson Lake, Fort Robinson SP, 1,700; Bridgeport SRA middle pit, 1,000.

Oct. 16 – Birdwood Lake, North Platte, 4,000; Arnold SRA lake, 850; Bessey Pond in the Bessey Ranger District of the Nebraska National Forest, Halsey, 200.

Oct. 19 – Holmes Lake, Lincoln, 4,000; Bowling Lake, Lincoln, 400; Niobrara State Park pond, 1,000.

Oct. 20 – Fremont SRA Lake No. 5, 4,500; Benson Park Pond, Omaha, 1,050; Lake Halleck, Papillion, 1,200; Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 4,000; Auble Pond, Ord, 1,500.

Oct. 21 or Oct. 22 – Crystal Cove Lake, South Sioux City, 4,500.

Oct. 21 – TaHaZouka Park, Norfolk, 1,500; David City Park west pond, 600; Qwest Lake, Eugene T. Mahoney SP, 2,500; Weeping Water Pond, 1,200; Humphrey Pond, Ogallala, 1,800; Curtis Golf Course, 450.

Oct. 26 – Towl Park Pond, Omaha, 300; Hitchcock Park Pond, Omaha, 450.

Oct. 27 – Steinhart Park Pond, Nebraska City, 1,200; Auburn Rotary Club Lake, 1,400.

Oct. 28 – Heartwell Park Lake, Hastings, 900; Such’s Lake, Grand Island, 1,300; Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 3,500.

November – Pawnee Park east pond, Columbus, 1,500; Crystal Springs middle lake, Fairbury, 1,000.

The following bodies of water were stocked Oct. 2: Barnett Park, McCook, 1,000; Holdrege City Lake, 3,000; Elm Creek, 1,000.

Trout fishing in these waters is a great way to introduce new anglers, including children, to fishing because simple equipment may be used. A spinning or spit-cast rod and reel with a hooked baited with a worm will work well. Add a split shot a couple feet above the hook and a bobber a couple of feet above the split shot. Adjust the levels of the split shot and bobber to change fishing depth.

Trout also may be caught with small spinners, salmon eggs, PowerBait, and artificial flies.

Resident anglers age 15 and below do not need a Nebraska fishing permit. For more information, read the 2009 Nebraska Fishing Guide, available where permits are sold and at

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The fall trout stocking at Steinhart Park Pond in Nebraska City has been canceled because of some water quality problems there right now.

EDITOR’S NOTE NUMBER 2:  Our fish hatcheries are shuffling fish around to meet all of the requests.  There is going to be a delay in the stocking of Arnold, Bessey, Humphrey Pond, and Curtis Golf Course until the week of November 16th.


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I did not know the fish at Benson park are eatable. On Oct 20th you will be stocking it with trout and other lakes. I know they did a lot of work on Halleck but my question is on local small ponds. Oct. 20 – Fremont SRA Lake No. 5, 4,500; Benson Park Pond, Omaha, 1,050; Lake Halleck, Papillion, 1,200; Standing Bear Lake, Omaha, 4,000;

Comment by steve

Do you stock Rock Creek in Dundy Co. this fall?

Comment by Hal Antholz

Do you stock Rock Creek in Dundy Co this fall?

Comment by Hal Antholz


Rock Creek Lake is scheduled for a stocking of catchable-size rainbow trout sometime this fall. I do not know the date when those fish might be hauled, but it is on the list.

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

Will Lake Ogallala get any trout this fall or next spring?

Comment by Jim McKinney

Trout stocking will resume at Lake Ogallala early next spring.

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

Hey! What is the exact date of the 2009 Fall trout stocking at Pawnee Park in Columbus?

Comment by Danni

The exact date of the November stockings will depend on hatchery schedules and coordination. The best I can tell you is Pawnee Park in Columbus will be stocked some time in November. That is the best answer I can give for now; will probably not know more details until the week of the stocking.

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

When will you be stocking Gracie creek at Calamus? This year or next???Thank-you for all fishing lakes ….

Comment by gayle reimers

I am not sure of the exact scheduling, but there should be one more stocking of the Gracie Creek Pond this fall. We usually stock catchable trout there throughout the year, at least 6 times a year.

As soon as those stockings occur, they will be listed here, .

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

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