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Fall Fishing by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
October 7, 2009, 4:10 pm
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I mentioned in a relatively lengthy post made previously a lot of the reasons I consider right now, fall, to be the best open-water fishing of the year.  In case you need some proof . . .Here are a couple of fat pike caught by one of our NEBRASKAland staff, , from a public body of water in northeast Nebraska, one in which there are some pike that grow big and fat feasting on trout.



I know those look like the same fish being held by his fishing buddy, but they are two different fish!  Nice pigs!  If you do not have enough clues about where those big pike were caught, I can give you some more.  Those two fish were released so someone else could catch them and I would hope the next person who does will also take a picture and quickly place them back into the water.

I slipped out for a little fishing myself one evening this week.  I only caught one fish.  I was about ready to quit, but decided to change baits and make a few more casts.  I made about 15 more casts when something sucked in my swimbait.  It took me awhile to land her and when she got close enough I took one look and knew my net was not big enough.  So, I worked her in and managed to grab her bottom jaw and hoist her onto my lap.




I have caught some flatheads before that were over 30 pounds.  This one was 47 inches long and I am guessing somewhere around 55 pounds–obviously my personal best!  You can tell by the look on my face that I was straining just to hold the fish up.  My swimbait was well within her mouth; I just reached in with my entire hand and pulled it out.  The mouth on that beast was incredible; I may have been able to stick my head in her mouth like the circus lion tamers do.  I am a believer in “big baits for big fish”; well let me tell you, this fish could have gulped in another 3 or 4 pound fish, easily, gulp and burp!  Again if you need some more hints on where this fish was caught and released, it was a reservoir near Lincoln that has lots of big flatheads that must be released after being caught.  I cannot wait to catch her again!

I am heading out on another trip this weekend.  Hopefully will be some more fish dried off.  Stay tuned!

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I’ve never caught a catfish/flathead, let alone something THAT BIG!!! You said you were casting with a “swimbait”… were you fishing FOR cats/flatheads???

Comment by "ydoc" the GLOVE-GUY

I have caught far more flatheads on artificial baits, crankbaits mostly, than I have caught on live bait. My strategy is usually to throw the crankbaits, jigs or swimbaits for whatever predator wants to eat them. Yes, I may catch more wipers and walleyes doing that, but I also expect to pick up some big flatties to boot! I hate it when that happens. Ha.

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

That is a very nice fish. What pound test line?

A blizzard watch has been posted for the panhandle.

There are still some fish I had wanted to catch.

Comment by Ron Fry

The big flattie was caught on 14-pound test Crystal FireLine. I am not a huge fan of the “superlines” (e.g. SpiderWire, FireLine), but I have been experimenting with them some and in some situations I like them. I was glad to be using that line when the big flathead ate my bait.

Yes, looks like fall is getting too cold, too soon. I spent the weekend in North Platte and on Saturday we had 15 inches of “global warming” to scoop!

Daryl B.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

[…] For example, many of you saw the big flathead catfish I caught & released just a week ago, ; honestly it is getting a little late in the fall to expect to catch flatheads like that because  […]

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I think I would sooner catch the trout they are feeding on but I have to say a pike makes for good sport.

Comment by Float

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