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Who taught you? by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
September 30, 2009, 3:00 pm
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OK, here is the deal; I am going to be out of the office again for a few days, so I thought I would get a blog post up here before I left.

This weekend is our annual Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) workshop at Halsey.  Of course this year’s workshop is b0oked full, but I would highly recommend it and if anyone is interested in next year’s activities just go here, .This will be about the 13th year I have been asked to help with the BOW event at Halsey.  I have taught basic fishing every one of those years.  This year I will also help with a fish and game care and cleaning class.  It is a busy weekend but we have a ton of fun.  The 4-H camp at Halsey is a great place to spend a fall weekend and the fall scenery is beautiful every year when we are there.  Usually the weather is gorgeous as well, but you never know in Nebraska; some years it has been hot and other years we have froze.  Looks like the forecast for this weekend will be about perfect.

I helped with the canoeing and kayaking last year.  I volunteer to help and they shoot me with a water cannon!

I helped with the canoeing and kayaking last year. I volunteer to help and they shoot me with a water cannon!

See, they got my butt wet!

See, they got my butt wet!

The sessions we have last a full 3.5 hours.  I have to admit the first year I taught I wondered how I could talk for 3.5 hours about fishing.  Well, I guess I ramble a lot and have discovered that 3.5 hours is not enough!  Seriously, it is a pleasure teaching the BOW classes.  The students are there because they want to learn and that makes it easy to teach.  One of the first times I taught the basic fishing class, I was blown away because I was rambling along and I looked at my students and about half of the ladies were taking notes as fast as they could write.  I could not believe it!  They were taking notes while I rambled on about fishing!  And then they start asking questions and I ramble some more and the next thing I know 3.5 hours is gone and I did not cover all the material I intended to cover.  They keep asking me to come back and I keep going because it is a very rewarding experience for me too!  Hopefully the ladies learn something from it.

We have a new recruit, develop and retain “angle” that I want to share.  WHO TAUGHT YOU?  Most of us got involved in the outdoors because someone took the time to take us, to teach us.  Most of us had a dad, grandpa, uncle, brother, cousin, someone who took us out and shared their love of the outdoors with us; someone who taught us how to hunt, fish, trap.  I think most of us would agree that those people were very important in our lives and that they gave us a great gift.  We can honor that gift and those folks by teaching someone else.  Replacing yourself needs to become a new ethic for all of us anglers, hunters and trappers.  Yes, I can do that by teaching some classes at a BOW workshop, or by participating in a kid’s fishing event, etc., etc.  But this is something everyone can do.  Who can you teach?  Sons?  Daughters?  Nieces?  Nephews?  How about that neighbor kid?  The kid you see every week at church?  How about that kid who lives down the street, you know the one who lives in a single-parent household?  Find someone and get them hooked!

Who taught you?  Who can you teach?



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