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BIG FISH by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
June 1, 2009, 12:00 pm
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We publish the Fishing Forecast every year.  If you looked at this year’s, especially if you are interested in walleye fishing, you know Merritt looked really good this year.  Since last winter when I have been asked where to go fishing for walleyes this year, I have quickly answered Merritt!

Well I hope you were listening!  The fishing reports coming from Merritt have been great!  The walleye fishing has been very good with fish being caught by both boat and shore anglers.  Walleyes of all sizes are being caught including some big fish.  I wish I was there now!

In addition to the walleyes, there are a few muskies showing up!  Take a look at this 32.5 pound, 50.5 inch beauty caught by Vicky Penny last weekend!  You muskie anglers, take a deep breath, because you of course know Vicky was trolling a crankbait on 6-pound test line when she hooked and landed this fish of a lifetime!!!!!  I already e-mailed her telling her I was greeen with envy!  To my knowledge, this would be the 6th 50-inch+ muskie caught from Nebraska, all of them from Merritt Reservoir.  Of course our 41 pound 8 ounce state record muskie was 52 inches, it was also caught on a Shad Rap, and we have records of 4 other 50-inchers that have been entered in our Master Angler Program over the years.  Besides the walleye fishing, the muskie fishing at Merritt is probably better right now than it has ever been!  If we start talking about 50-inch+ fish, then a new state record is certainly a possibility!!!!  Congratulations Vicky, guess I will just have to fish for that new state record!


Besides the hot bite at Merritt, I have heard excellent walleye reports from several other Nebraska reservoirs, Sherman, Calamus, Lewis & Clark for example.  May and June are the best months for walleye fishing on Nebraska reservoirs every year; we are in the middle of that period right now.  Use the Fishing Forecast mentioned above, pick one of our best walleye habitats and GO FISH!


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Why is that fish out of the water dead???
Un believable!!!

Comment by Jon Bravo

That muskie was a legal catch in Nebraska and those anglers chose to harvest that fish. Most muskie anglers would choose to release a fish like that, but if it is a legal catch, then it is up to the individual angler to make the decision to harvest or release.

Comment by Daryl Bauer

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