Barbs and Backlashes

Aquatic Nuisance Species by Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
April 3, 2009, 10:08 am
Filed under: Fishing, Hunting

I am not going to be “chicken little” and run around saying the sky is falling, but I would hope all anglers are aware of aquatic nuisance species by now. There are a number of exotic species that continue to find their way to our continent and a number of these exotic species can be a serious threat to our ecosystems.

The actual impact an invader species will have on the environment and other species can be difficult to predict, but we know this for sure—if you do not have them, you do not want them. It is best to prevent their spread. I would strongly suggest that all anglers and boaters in particular check out this website and follow the recommendations there! Protect Your Waters

This is not fishing related, but I have to confess I get a little distracted by turkeys this time of year. My son and I have enjoyed some mornings recently listening to the turkeys gobble and scouting them out for shotgun season. We have our eyes on some handsome “swingers” (note: “swingers” is our slang for mature tom turkeys — they have beards swinging underneath their breast! The ones I shoot usually have beards so long they are tripping on them. Ha!).

On our most recent early morning scouting expedition, we heard the unmistakable sound of “booming” prairie chickens. Now in much of Nebraska that would not be anything unusual this time of year, but we were in eastern Nebraska. We did a little looking around and found a couple of hill tops with short grass where there were a number of male prairie chickens, dancing, booming, scuffling and carrying on. COOL!

Whether you are fishing, chasing spring gobblers, or just out doing a little morning bird watching, get out and enjoy our great Nebraska outdoors! This is a great time of year, there are so many things to do; find someone young or someone who needs some mentoring and get them out there! GO FISH!


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